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#193 – Dido @Terminal 5, NYC – 19 Jun ’19

#193 – Dido @Terminal 5, NYC – 19 Jun ’19


“Let me face

The sound and fury.

Let me face



The general state of my life, when I attended this soul-touching concert by Dido in New York City while traveling for work. It has been a tough couple of years for me, something like a pre-mid-life-crisis (pre- just because I am sure the real thing has to be much worse than this). During this time I have questioned myself on what I really want from life, doubted myself on what I can really achieve on my own, succumbed to weaknesses that I have fought years trying to defeat. During this time my personal relationships had some drastic lows and stabilizing status quos. During this time my carefully crafted life had come undone to the point I have no clue to what my future holds anymore. And the most life-defining moment of all, I became a father to a tiny innocent beautiful baby and though was sure I will do the best for her, still had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind “What if I don’t?” And through all of this, I also started vilifying my one true passion as the cause of all my failures, something that has sustained me through all these years – my passion for (or addiction to?) concerts. There is only so much that one can take before he/she breaks or toughens up. Thank God I toughened up and actually Thank Music for that. And Dido was one of the many who helped me through these years of sound and fury, of hurricanes in my life.

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